Money and Experience for SnowRunner

Money and Experience for SnowRunner
13:49, 18 May 2021
At the start, the player gets a car for exploration and some money. And this is great, since you need to open new sites, fulfill contracts, earn money, buy new equipment, etc. That's the whole point of the game.

However, most of the players want to immediately buy and try out the equipment, test the installed mods. And do not wait until the required amount of money has accumulated. With certain manipulations in the profile files, you can make a lot of money in SnowRunner. Someone writes that this is hacking the game, etc. No, it's just changing some parameters. And if the developers had the desire, they would more reliably hide and protect these parameters.

If you want to fully enjoy the game, go through it yourself, as the developers intended, then just close this page. If you do not want to endure and earn money by fulfilling contracts, then follow the instructions below.

ATTENTION!!! Before editing the game files, we strongly recommend that you make a backup copy of your /base/ folder containing your profile and save files, located under the path Documents/MyGames/SnowRunner/base/

How to make a lot of money and experience in SnowRunner
Go to the game, start a new game and save (or wait for the message about automatic saving). If you already have a game started, you can immediately proceed to editing files.

  • Open the folder Documents/My Games/SnowRunner/base/storage/1638 
  • Find the file CompleteSave.dat and click on it with the right mouse button and select "Open with..." – "Notepad".
Notepad opens. You will see a large amount of text. We are interested in the "money" parameter:. We change the numbers, as in the screenshot below (specify the amount as you wish). I don't touch the colon and comma, I only change the number.

To get experience, we look for the experience parameter and, in the same way, specify the required amount of experience. *
ATTENTION!!! Editing the "experience" parameter can negatively affect the save file!
  • Click "File" – "Save", or just close notepad and click "Save".

When you log in to SnowRunner, you will have as much money and experience in your account as you specified in the file.

Note from 02.05.2020:
The "experience" parameter is not touched!!! Editing it can break your save files! However, adding money works (be careful when studying the instructions)!

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