Map "Baldeikino" Edit By Tomi098 v 2.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

Map "Baldeikino" Edit By Tomi098 v 2.0 for Farming Simulator 2019
14:18, 13 June 2021
Every fan of the farm simulator knows the map of "Baldeikino". A new version has been prepared especially for Farming Simulator 2019. You can view and download the beta version of this map here.

The map has an impressive area. It will take a long time to explore all the fields and objects. A large selection of missions and options for the development of the economy.

Cool features of the Baldeykino map:
  • Just 3 huge farms at your disposal. Upgrade and upgrade them to your liking.
  • Full-fledged pedestrian traffic. Cars and other vehicles drive on the roads.
  • There are field missions, and transport missions are about to appear.
  • Almost all land plots are large. Lots of vegetation – your farms are buried in green grass and picturesque trees.
  • To make it easier to start a career, a good set of techniques is provided.
  • The main errors are cleared from the log.
Almost all the streets are unpaved, but this does not prevent vehicles from driving at a decent speed. Additional items include a river with a road bridge, road signs, and a windmill.
Major changes to the Baldeykino 2.0 version (from Tomi098):
  • There are 12 purchasable fields and several meadows available.
  • Purchase of sites.
  • The storage is designed for 500 thousand liters. Suitable for storing all standard crops, as well as silage and straw.
  • A new stable point of sale, a new farm.
Changes were also made to the cost of agricultural crops. The sale price was raised to 2.5 x, previously it was 1.
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