Mazda 6 MPS 2007 for City Car Driving

Mazda 6 MPS 2007 for City Car Driving
09:04, 20 May 2021
Mod "Mazda 6 MPS 2007" adds to the game City Car Driving mid-size sedan produced by the Japanese automobile company Mazda.

The Mazda 6 MPS model is presented with a 4-door body, a manual transmission with smooth shifting, smooth power supply, an attractive design inside and outside the car, a 6-speed manual transmission, offered until the end of 2007 for Europe. Specification with fuel economy, top speed, factory data, and ProfessCars ™rating:

MPS was the perfect starting point for a more extreme version. The four-wheel-drive MPS sends most of the torque to the front wheels most of the time. However, with hard acceleration, up to 50% of the torque is brought to the rear wheels, and when the car feels slippery conditions, it maintains a 50:50 torque distribution at the front and rear. This means that the MPS always feels confident, even in difficult conditions.

Power is provided by a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and an all-wheel drive engine.

The 2007 Mazda 6 MPS in CCD has:
Drive Type: All-wheel drive
Transmission type: 6 st.
With a 260 hp engine
This Mazda will accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.6 seconds, and to a top speed of 260 km / h in 26.2

Features of the Mazda 6 mod:
Thecar is unique.
The sedan has its own sound.
When you select the appropriate weather, raindrops remain on the windows.
Realistic physics, appearance and beautifully designed interior with high-quality textures.
Baked body, plastic and wheels.
The speedometer and tachometer hands function flawlessly
4K textures

7 extras:
Three types of tinting
Black chrome exterior
Room with side
Wooden panel (insert)
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