Audi A5 for City Car Driving

Audi A5 for City Car Driving
15:56, 18 May 2021
The modification will add the Audi A5 sports car (a coupe on the Audi A4 platform) to the Driving of a city car. The car is produced by the German automobile industry Audi since 2007. This model is positioned as a car of the Gran Turismo class, thereby being exposed as a competitor to the BMW E92 and Mercedes-Benz CLK-class.

Audi A5 for the game Driving a city car was prepared quite well. You can see for yourself.

The drive is full. Transmission 6 (manual/automatic). Power: 349 hp Speed - 250 km/h.

Exterior design:
- Grill
- Exhaust
- Removed the chrome on the door handles and mirrors and made them colored
- Wheels
- Fog lights
- A5 icons
- Removed V8 icons on the front fenders
- Body correction
- Wheels from the Audi A6, but still the same as the A5

- Speakers
- Seats
- Metal pedals were replaced / rubber pedals were added
- Steering wheel
- Speedometer numbers have been corrected

Improved physics, wheel friction (wheel coupling), added automatic transmission, gear ratios, suspension, steering, installed realistic custom sounds.

Audi A6 received new extras:
1. Beige Leather Interior
2. Red Leather Interior
3. White Leather Interior
4. Light Grey Leather Interior
5. Dark Grey Leather Interior
6. Brown Leather Interior
7. Dark Brown Leather Interior
8. Light Brown Leather Interior
9. Tinted Windows
10. Black wheels
11. Black Gloss
12. Full Beige Leather Interior
13. All-Beige Leather Interior With Mph Speedometer
14. Speedometer with miles per hour display
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